There are three main differences between Residential and Industrial Heated Mats.

  1. The rubber material that is used for the Industrial Mats is more durable than the thermoplastic material used in the Residential Mats. As a result, the Industrial Mats are better suited for high traffic areas with hundreds of people walking on them every day. The Residential Mats are meant to handle a few people a day.

  2. The Residential Mats come in a variety of sizes - 20" x 60" & 30" x 60" (walkway mats) and 10" x 30" & 10" x 48" (stair mats) - and will likely be too small for most industrial applications. The Industrial Mats come in a variety of lengths and widths and can be made in custom sizes (see below for more details on size)

  3. In contrast to the Residential Walkway Mats that need to be daisy-chained together to cover large areas, the Industrial Walkway Mats come in large enough sizes to cover large sections of walkways without the need for multiple connector cables.

    For example, to cover a 20 foot long walkway with the Residential Walkway Mats, you will need 4 mats - each with a connector cable to allow them all to operate on a single plug. With the Industrial Walkway Mats, you can purchase 1 mat that is 20' long and have no connector cables along the walkway.

    This is preferable to the safety conscious maintenance professional. (Note: the Industrial Stair Mats do daisy-chain together as the connectors lie off to the side of the stair case and are not a safety hazard.)