While some people prefer to have internal heated coils installed in their driveway or walkways, there are many advantages to external rubber mats. The first advantage to heated mats is the low initial cost and non-invasive installation. Because internal coils must be embedded within driveways and walkways, they are not easily installed. If the property is currently under construction, they must be worked into existing plans.

If you are considering installing them in an existing structure, you must demolish the walkway, driveway or staircase in order install the heating system. Take into consideration the continued operating costs each winter as well as the difficulty accessing the coils for troubleshooting and repairs.

External mats require an electrical outlet and are easy to set up (plug and go!) as well as accessible for maintenance and repairs should any issues arise. HeatTrak mats come with a two-year warranty - not to mention our exceptional customer service! Overall, external rubber mats give you all of the benefits with none of the hassle of the internal coils.