If you’re new to the idea of snow melting mats, you might be wondering how HeatTrak mats work—how they generate heat to melt snow on contact. The good news is our snow melting mats are simple to use and require no installation. You simply choose the mat size that fits your needs, unroll the mats, and plug them in. 

Today, we’re going into more detail about the heating technology we use and explain just how our mats work. Let’s get down to business.


How do the mats generate heat?
Our heated snow melting mats produce heat through electricity. We combine heating technology with durable customized thermoplastic to continuously heat the mats to a temperature that melts snow at a rate of 2” per hour.

The non-slip rubber material is outdoor-rated and protects the heating elements inside the mats, making them as durable as automobile tires. 

Your HeatTrak mats not only can endure the harsh weather conditions of winter, but they’ll last for years! You might be wondering whether 2” per hour is enough to handle extreme snowstorms. Rest assured. The National Weather Service defines “heavy snowfall” as 1” of snow accumulation per hour.


What if I don’t have an outdoor outlet?
You must have an outlet for the mats to work. However, if you don’t have an outlet outside your house we have a few options to recommend. For starters, you can use our outdoor-rated, watertight extension cords to run the power unit into your home. Another option is to use your own extension cords, but first make sure they’re safe for use around water.

However, you can also have an outlet installed outside your home. Typically, we’ve seen an outlet installation run anywhere between $250 and $500 depending on how much labor the electrician has to do to install it. 

In addition to plugging in snow melting mats, the outdoor outlet can be used to power holiday light displays, electrical mowers, weed wackers, stereos, lights, fans, and more. If you decide to invest in an outlet, we recommend you go with a 20-amp outlet rather than a 15-amp outlet, to accommodate the use of more mats. 


How long will the mats last?
This depends on how your mats are being used. With proper care and storage, HeatTrak customers see an average lifespan of 5-6 years. We’ve even had reports of mats in use for a decade.  

Unlike inexpensive shovels that could rust or crack after one season, or salt that constantly needs to be restocked, your mats can last for years.

But if something should go wrong with them, HeatTrak offers a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on all snow melting mats and accessories. If anything happens to your mats during this timeframe, we’ll replace your mat, no questions asked. 

Snow melting mats offer homeowners peace of mind during winter. With HeatTrak mats, you can finally put down the shovel and enjoy snow days again — without worrying about slip-and-fall accidents.