Don’t want to step outdoors to turn on your HeatTrak Mats? We have good news for you. Every one of our heated snow melting mats can be automated.

We carry three types of automatic controllers that enable you to turn your mat on and off without having to set a foot outside. Let’s discover which mat automation is the best solution for you. 

Automatic Thermostat Extension Cable
Our thermostat controller is easy to use. You plug it into your standard 120V outlet, and the thermostat will automatically switch the power on whenever the temperature outside drops below 38 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll notice when your mats are operating because the LED indicator lights up.

Of course, whether this option is right for you will depend the climate in your area. Once the thermostat turns on, it will continue to power the mat until the temperature reaches above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in an area that stays in freezing temperatures for the majority of winter, we recommend automating your mats with one of the choices below. 

Outdoor Wi-Fi Wireless Outlet
Are you away from home a lot? Then we have the perfect snow melting mat control for you. Our Outdoor Wi-Fi Wireless Outlet allows you to control your mats from anywhere with a few clicks on your smartphone.

You can set your mats to turn on right before the storm, whether you’re inside your home or away at the office. Want to schedule the mats for an upcoming snowstorm? You can program your Wi-Fi Wireless Outlet to do that, too.

All you have to do is download the free app and connect your outlet to your phone with your existing Wi-Fi network — that’s it! There are no monthly fees. Once you’ve finished the quick installation, you can start controlling your snow melting mats from anywhere.

Wireless Outlet and Remote Control
What if you’re buying mats for a homeowner who doesn’t own a smartphone? Here’s an alternative to the Outdoor Wi-Fi Wireless Outlet: The Wireless Outlet and Remote Control package.

The remote control enables you to control your mats from inside your home with one push of a button. (You’ll know when the mats are on or off by the red and green light indicators.) Additionally, if you have two mat systems, you can plug both into one Wireless Outlet. The remote control will work with any of our mats but there can not be more then 15amps connected per one remote control.

Note: The Wireless Outlet and Remote Control have a 75-foot range. You must be at home in order to operate your remote control. 

Do I need to automate my mats?
It’s not necessary to automate your HeatTrak snow melting mats. You can manually turn the mats on or off — or have an electrician wire an outlet to a switch inside your home. The average cost to install a light switch is affordable. Depending on where you live, your local electrician may charge anywhere from less than $100 to $150.