HeatTrak offers residential mats in a variety of sizes, from walkway to entrance, stair and driveway mats. Today, we want to talk in more detail about our entrance mats.

Our heated snow melting entrance mats are carpeted, durable enough to leave outside all winter long, and built to make going in and out of your home during winter safer. We designed these heated entrance mats to eliminate slips and falls where they occur most: outside your front door.

At the same time, if you’ve looked into purchasing one of our entrance mats you might have noticed that they are a stand-alone item. This means they don’t have connectors to link them to any other type of heated mats.

We want to explain why this is so, and how, nevertheless, you can design a snow removal system that incorporates an entrance mat.


How do I design a system that includes an entrance mat?

HeatTrak offers residential mats in multiple sizes that are designed with female and male connectors that enable the mats to link together in order to customize your HeatTrak snow removal system. The one exception to this design is our entrance mat, which has just the male connector (the reason they can be sold as a stand-alone item). 

Still, the entrance mat can also be used in a customized system, but only as the last in the series. Since it has no female connector, it can receive electricity but cannot send it on to another mat.    


What if I don’t plan to use the entrance mats at the end of a series?

If you want the area in front of your door covered but want to use an entrance mat at the beginning (or middle) of the series, we have another option for you: Half-sized (30” x 30”) walkway mats.

These mats can be substituted for entrance mats (note, however, that they do not come with the ribbed carpeting that a true entrance mat comes with) since they have connectors at both ends. 

So there you have it. Whether you want to design a system with entrance mats at the beginning, middle, or at the end of it, you can make it happen.