Winter poses many challenges for homeowners, but sheltering pets from freezing temperatures and heavy snowstorms means taking extra precautions. Walking on ice is not only risky for people, but it presents hazards for your furry friend, too. Even breathing in cold, dry air can be hard on animals.

Of course, one of the most common questions we receive here at HeatTrak is whether our heated snow-melting mats are safe for use around pets. Today, we want to address your concerns about pet safety as related to heated mats.


Is it safe for my dog to lie on the mat?
Yes, it’s perfectly safe for small-to-medium animals to lie on the mats. We have thousands of customers with house pets who buy our mats. The mats create a clear (and warm) path for both humans and animals and allow your pet to play outside, even when snow is falling. 

However, we recommend that snow-melting mats are NOT for use by large pets and here’s why. The weight of a heavy animal on the mat can affect the internal heating elements, possibly causing the mat to overheat and melt. 


Can I use the mats inside a pet house?
Never place HeatTrak mats inside a pet house. You can use them outside of one, but snow-melting mats should never be covered or used indoors because this creates the possibility of overheating. 


What if my pet has a “bathroom” accident on the mats?
That’s nothing a little dish soap and water won’t fix! You might find that there’s an unpleasant smell, but the mats won’t be harmed in any way. HeatTrak mats are outdoor-rated, so they’re completely waterproof. You can even hose them down. Simply unplug, wipe down, and let air dry.  

Just be sure that, while in operation, your mats remain uncovered and used only outdoors.